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Emergent Harmonies

Printer Up Above the World So High
An Ode to Saturn’s Moons
Undergradute Thesis


Type Therapy
Where The Poem Begins and Ends
Erasure Book
Visible Ties
100 Poems




Eman Makki is a designer living in
Doha, Qatar. Her work explores ways
of visualizing the unseen and incomprehensible nature of the cosmos through procedural & generative systems.

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Poetics | Interactive Typography

Type Therapy

A collection of stress relieving typographic experiments, each set to a different level of stress.

Click on the levels to access the p5.js sketches in fullscreen mode. Best viewed on desktop/laptop.

Generative Typography, Type@Cooper 2020.
Instructors Lynne Yun and Kevin Yeh, spacetypecontinuum.com