Emergent Harmonies

Printer Up Above the World So High
An Ode to Saturn’s Moons
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Type Therapy
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Eman Makki is a designer living in
Doha, Qatar. Her work explores ways
of visualizing the unseen and incomprehensible nature of the cosmos through procedural & generative systems.

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Emergent Harmonies | Installation & Exhibition

Printer Up Above the World So High

‘Printer Up Above the World So High’ focuses on the unimaginable quantity of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is estimated to be more than 100 billion. Data documenting the number of stars is input into a custom software program which generates a series of marks printed continuously and in real time on a roll of paper. Each mark is placed by the software to approximate the variations in size and relative distance between stars in our galaxy, with every mark representing a single star. Running continuously it would take this installation 100 years to print a mark for every star in our galaxy.

The project was developed during a residency at The Fire Station in Doha, Qatar. Exhibited in ‘Infinite Dimensions’, a group show at the Garage Gallery, July 16th - September 1st 2019. #thisprojectwilloutliveus

Concept: Eman Makki & Levi Hammett
Programming: Eman Makki, George Paul, Levi Hammett, & Sarah Elawad