Machines and technology are ubiquitous in our lives and are also present in something as subjective as art. Generative art is created through an autonomous and procedural system. The current dialogue about generative art involves questions about originality and agency. How much creativity is derived from the program and how much from the programmer? What role does the designer play is they leave things to random chance? As a graphic designer exploring these questions, the aim of this thesis is to engage in the community of generative artists using design to add to the dialogue through the discoveries I make in my work. My goal is to expand the notion of how we define agency within our work.
Senior Show
Macro, Meso, and Micro
This thesis began with explorations of visual phenomena such as moiré. Images can be found here and here

Macro: My interest in space phenomena led me to explore galactic dust or cosmic dust, the plotted work can be found here

Meso: Image mapping experiments of Earth using code and plotters can be found here

Micro: Finally, using code I explored procedural artwork. It is estimated that 4 tonnes of micrometeorites fall to Earth every day. That is equivalent to 40 billion micrometeorites a day. Current data states that 1 micrometeorite falls in every square meter. Qatar is 132km2, which means that 36,164 micrometeorites fall each day.

I created a real time simulation the shows how many micrometeorites fall in Qatar over a period of 24 hours. The project was created on Processing, using Box2D, a physics engine that allows you to work with gravity, friction, and collision.
Below is a sped up example of the simulation. The final procedural artwork will be posted soon.
Thesis Document
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