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Eman Makki is a designer living in Doha, Qatar. Her work explores ways of visualizing the unseen and incomprehensible nature of the cosmos through procedural and generative systems.

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اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا

As the saying goes:

“اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا، ابكي تبكي لوحدك”

which roughly translates to:
“laugh and the world laughs with you/joins you in your happiness, cry and you cry alone”

I was a very grumpy child, always frowning. My grandma would repeat this saying to me, but she had her own version. 

“اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا، اعبس تعبس لوحدك”

Digital work. 
11” x 16”.