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Eman Makki is a designer living in Doha, Qatar. Her work explores ways of visualizing the unseen and incomprehensible nature of the cosmos through procedural and generative systems.

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اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا

As the saying goes:

“اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا، ابكي تبكي لوحدك”

which roughly translates to:
“laugh and the world laughs with you/joins you in your happiness, cry and you cry alone”

I was a very grumpy child, always frowning. My grandma would repeat this saying to me, but she had her own version. Instead of ‘crying’ she would say ‘frowning’

“اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا، اعبس تعبس لوحدك”

Digital work. 
11” x 16”.